Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Relationship Struggles Surface After Second Child’s Birth


In recent news, sources have revealed that the relationship between celebrities Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner hit a rough patch following the birth of their second child. According to insiders who were around Joe during the post-birth period, Sophie was reportedly facing difficulties, while Joe’s level of support left something to be desired.

Key Takeaway

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s relationship encountered challenges after the birth of their second child. Reports suggest that there was a strain in their relationship, with Joe feeling that Sophie needed to be more social and Sophie expressing a desire for privacy.

Sophie Turner’s Post-Birth Struggles

After welcoming their youngest child last year in July, Sophie Turner expressed a desire to stay within the comfort of their home. She was apprehensive about being photographed or attending events. Despite this, she accompanied Joe to several occasions. However, at one specific event, witnesses noticed Sophie’s discomfort and her clear indication of not wanting to be there.

A Strain in the Relationship

Following that event, there was another gathering where Joe was present, but Sophie chose not to attend. According to our sources, Joe voiced his frustration about Sophie’s absence and felt that she needed to socialize more. People present at the event could sense the strain in their relationship.

The Shift in Priorities

Interestingly, over the past six months, there seemed to be a shift in dynamics. Reports indicated that Joe started complaining about Sophie’s increasing focus on partying. While sources connected to Joe acknowledge the presence of challenges in their relationship, they maintain that Joe was supportive of Sophie pursuing an acting gig in London.

The Divorce Filing

On Tuesday, news broke that Joe Jonas had filed for divorce. Sources suggest that the trigger for the filing was allegedly audio/video footage captured by a Ring camera, which apparently captured Sophie saying or doing something that deeply affected Joe.

So far, Sophie Turner’s team has not responded to our requests for comment, whereas Joe’s representative declined to provide any further information on the matter.