Jewish Holocaust Survivor Living In Israel: Hamas Repeating Nazi Atrocities


A Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust is speaking out about the recent attacks by Hamas, calling them “inhuman” and drawing horrifying parallels to the Nazi atrocities of her childhood. Lucy Lipiner, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor currently living in Israel, shared her traumatic experiences and expressed her disbelief at the continued persecution of Jewish people throughout history.

Key Takeaway

A Jewish Holocaust survivor living in Israel draws parallels between the recent attacks by Hamas and the Nazi atrocities of her childhood. The testimony of Lucy Lipiner serves as a reminder of the ongoing persecution faced by Jewish people and the importance of standing against inhumanity.

Surviving the Horrors

Lucy Lipiner, originally from Poland, arrived in New York City in 1949 at the age of 16, having endured the unimaginable horrors of the Holocaust. As a survivor, she witnessed firsthand the atrocities committed against her fellow Jews and experienced the immense loss and suffering that defined that dark era.

A Haunting Reminder

Lucy Lipiner’s recent experiences in Israel have brought back haunting memories of the past. As Hamas launches attacks on Israeli soil, Lucy sees chilling similarities to the atrocities committed by the Nazi party nearly 90 years ago. To her, the inhumanity displayed by Hamas is a stark reminder of the horrors she thought were long-gone.

Standing Strong

Despite the destruction and terror caused by the recent Hamas attack on October 7th, Lucy’s daughter Rena Lipiner Katz explains why they are choosing to stay in Israel. Their resilience and determination to remain in their homeland demonstrate a refusal to let history repeat itself.

Echoes of the Past

Lucy Lipiner’s beliefs are echoed by another Holocaust survivor, Ken Wetcher. He too recognizes the disturbing parallels between the actions of Hamas and the Nazi party, acknowledging the chilling repetition of history and the ongoing persecution of Jewish people.