Jerry Hairston On Shohei Ohtani’s $700 Million Deal: ‘He’s Worth It’


Former World Series champion Jerry Hairston has expressed his support for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to sign Shohei Ohtani to a $700 million deal, stating that “he’s worth it.” The agreement, which was finalized over the weekend, raised eyebrows due to Ohtani’s recent Tommy John surgery and his potential future in pitching.

Key Takeaway

Former professional baseball player Jerry Hairston believes that the Los Angeles Dodgers made a wise decision by signing Shohei Ohtani to a $700 million deal. Despite concerns about his pitching career due to Tommy John surgery, Hairston is confident in Ohtani’s ability to return to form. Additionally, Ohtani’s revenue-generating potential and the deferred payments of the contract contribute to the overall value of the investment made by the Dodgers.

The Confidence in Ohtani’s Return

Despite concerns surrounding Ohtani’s ability to pitch again after his second Tommy John surgery, Hairston reassured skeptics that he has full confidence in the two-way star. He predicted that Ohtani will be able to return to the mound as early as 2025.

Entering His Prime

Hairston emphasized that Ohtani, at 29 years old, is just entering his prime. With his exceptional talent both as a pitcher and a hitter, Hairston believes that Ohtani’s best years are yet to come. He particularly praised Ohtani’s batting skills, indicating that his offensive abilities are a significant asset.

A Revenue-Generating Star

Beyond Ohtani’s on-field performance, Hairston underscored the financial impact that the Japanese superstar brings to the Dodgers. According to Hairston, Ohtani generates an estimated $70 to $85 million in revenue alone. This undeniable financial value further justifies the hefty investment made by the team.

Deferred Payments for Long-Term Success

Hairston commended the Dodgers for structuring Ohtani’s contract with deferred payments. The majority of the $700 million deal, approximately $680 million, will be paid in the future, starting in 2034. This approach allows the team to potentially allocate additional funds to bolster the roster and surround Ohtani with talented teammates in the coming years.