Jeannie Mai Reveals Alleged Infidelity In Response To Jeezy’s Divorce Petition


Jeannie Mai, known for her appearances on various television shows, has now responded to the divorce petition filed by Jeezy, her estranged husband. In her response, she strongly implies that Jeezy has been unfaithful, and she suggests that this alleged infidelity will have a significant impact on their prenuptial agreement and the division of their assets.

Key Takeaway

Jeannie Mai has responded to Jeezy’s divorce petition, implying that he has been unfaithful. Her legal team argues that their prenuptial agreement includes provisions for financial penalties in cases of infidelity. The outcome of these allegations may have substantial consequences for the division of their assets.

Allegations of Infidelity

In recently obtained legal documents, Jeannie’s lawyer hints at Jeezy’s guilt regarding infidelity. While not providing specific details, the documents state that Jeannie reserves the right to add further grounds for divorce, indicating potential undisclosed conduct. This move is an attempt to resolve the matter privately without exposing specific details publicly.

Furthermore, Jeannie’s legal team argues that Paragraph 8 of their prenuptial agreement, which focuses on infidelity, should be enforced. The agreement outlines that engaging in sexual or emotional relationships with third parties through various forms of electronic communication, including texting, social media, and direct messages, would result in significant financial penalties for the adulterous party.

Jeannie’s accusations suggest that Jeezy has been unfaithful and may face financial consequences as a result. However, the documents do not reveal the identity of the alleged third party involved or any further details regarding the infidelity.

A Surprising Turn of Events

The fact that Jeannie is now making cheating allegations herself adds an interesting twist to the situation. Earlier, there were rumors circulating that Jeannie had cheated on Jeezy with Mario Lopez, the host of “Access Hollywood.” However, a source close to Jeannie denied these rumors, labeling them as baseless.

Jeezy initiated the divorce proceedings by filing in Georgia back in August. In response to the split, he released a 29-track double album titled “I Might Forgive … But I Don’t Forget,” featuring a song titled “Don’t Cheat.” The theme of infidelity seems to be a recurring motif in his recent actions and public statements.

Now, it appears that Jeannie is turning the tables by accusing Jeezy of being unfaithful in their marriage. These allegations are likely to play a significant role in their ongoing divorce proceedings and the negotiation of their respective financial obligations.