Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton Set To Make Global Boxing Debut Against Joshua Torres


Javon “Wanna” Walton, known for his role in “Euphoria,” is gearing up for his first global boxing match, where he will face off against Joshua Torres in a super featherweight bout. The 17-year-old actor-turned-boxer is determined to prove himself in the ring and is eager to showcase his boxing skills on the international stage.

Key Takeaway

Javon “Wanna” Walton is poised to make his mark in the boxing world as he prepares for his global debut against Joshua Torres. With a strong determination to prove himself and ambitious aspirations for the future, Walton is ready to showcase his boxing prowess and pursue a successful career in the sport.

Training and Ambitions

Walton has been diligently training for the upcoming fight and is focused on making a statement in the boxing world. He expressed his determination to demonstrate his commitment to the sport and dispel any notions of being just a celebrity trying his hand at boxing. Walton sees this fight as a crucial step towards his ultimate goal of becoming a champion.

Proving Himself

For Walton, each fight represents a stepping stone in his boxing journey, and he is eager to exhibit his full potential in the ring. He emphasized that his upcoming match is just the beginning, with aspirations of competing for a world title in the future and leaving a lasting legacy in the boxing world.

Challenging Opponent

Despite his opponent, Joshua Torres, being an experienced 32-year-old boxer, Walton deliberately sought a formidable challenge to demonstrate his capabilities. He is determined to dominate every round and secure a unanimous decision, aiming to impress the audience in Puerto Rico and his loyal supporters.

Support and Aspirations

Throughout his training camp, Walton has maintained contact with his Most Valuable Promotions teammates, including Amanda Serrano and Jake Paul. He is not only focused on his own performance but is also looking forward to witnessing his teammates’ success in their respective matches.