Jacob Tremblay Earns Impressive $2,500 Per Recording Session For Animated Film ‘Orion And The Dark’


Young actor Jacob Tremblay is making some major waves in the entertainment industry, and his bank account is reaping the benefits. The 17-year-old star recently signed a lucrative deal for his voiceover work in the upcoming animated movie “Orion and the Dark” produced by DreamWorks.

Key Takeaway

Jacob Tremblay’s talent and star power have earned him a substantial paycheck for his voiceover work in the upcoming animated movie “Orion and the Dark.” His contract, which includes $2,500 per recording session, showcases his professionalism and dedication to his craft.

The Lucrative Paycheck

According to Jacob’s minor’s contract, which has been made public, he was paid a staggering $25,000 for a total of 10 original recording sessions for his starring role as Orion in the film. This means that he earned an impressive $2,500 per session.

Additional Dialogue Sessions

In addition to the initial recording sessions, Jacob’s contract also ensures that he will be compensated $2,500 for any additional dialogue sessions, including pickups, looping, post-synching, and rehearsals. This speaks to the dedication and professionalism that Jacob brings to his craft.

Straight to Netflix

“Orion and the Dark” is set to be released exclusively on Netflix in February. While it may not have a traditional theatrical run, there is still much excitement surrounding the film. In fact, the contract includes a tempting bonus structure tied to the movie’s success on Netflix’s top 10 lists.

A Rising Star

Jacob Tremblay has been making quite a name for himself in Hollywood, landing both impactful and financially rewarding roles. In addition to his impressive voiceover work, Jacob has scored significant paydays in the past. For his role in the ‘Shining’ sequel, he earned a handsome $100,000, and for his starring role in “Good Boys,” he took home an impressive $900,000.