Jaafar Jackson Transforms Into King Of Pop For Michael Jackson Biopic


Michael Jackson’s nephew, Jaafar Jackson, has been spotted in full costume on the set of the upcoming MJ biopic, where he is set to portray the King of Pop. The resemblance between Jaafar and his late uncle is striking, as he was seen in full hair, makeup, and costume on location in the Encino area of Los Angeles. Lionsgate, the studio behind the biopic, recently released a photo of Jaafar replicating Michael’s 1992-1993 Dangerous Tour, further showcasing his uncanny resemblance to the legendary entertainer.

Key Takeaway

Jaafar Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, is set to portray the King of Pop in the upcoming MJ biopic, and his striking resemblance to his late uncle has garnered significant attention.

A Family Resemblance

Jaafar Jackson, the son of Jermaine Jackson, bears an eerie similarity to his famous relative, Michael Jackson. His portrayal of the iconic musician has been highly anticipated, and the recent images from the set have only heightened the excitement surrounding the upcoming biopic.

Attention to Detail

With the first official glimpse of Jaafar as MJ, fans and onlookers have been impressed by the attention to detail in replicating Michael Jackson’s iconic look. From his appearance during the Dangerous Tour to a more formal attire, Jaafar’s transformation into the King of Pop has been meticulously crafted, further adding to the anticipation for the film’s release in April 2025.

A Stellar Cast

Joining Jaafar on set was Nia Long, who is set to portray Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson. The commitment of the cast to embody their respective roles has been evident, with Nia Long also undergoing a remarkable transformation to resemble her character. The dedication of the actors to authentically portray the Jackson family has not gone unnoticed, and their performances are eagerly awaited by fans and audiences alike.

The upcoming biopic promises to offer a visually compelling portrayal of Michael Jackson’s life, and the anticipation surrounding its release continues to grow. As the film’s production progresses, the spotlight remains on Jaafar Jackson’s portrayal of the King of Pop, and audiences are eager to witness his transformation into the legendary musician.