Imagine Dragons’ Heartwarming Gesture: Rebuilding Home For Ukrainian Boy Featured In ‘Crushed’ Music Video


Imagine Dragons, the popular band, has extended a helping hand to a 15-year-old Ukrainian boy and his family by assisting in the reconstruction of their home, which was devastated during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Key Takeaway

Imagine Dragons, in collaboration with UNITED24, has played a pivotal role in rebuilding the home of Sashko, a Ukrainian teenager who faced immense hardship due to the ongoing war in his country. This heartwarming gesture stands as a beacon of hope amidst the challenging times faced by the people of Ukraine.

A Teenager’s Tale

The teenager, known as Sashko, gained prominence after being featured in the band’s music video for the song “Crushed.” The video and the accompanying song resonated with a wide audience, largely due to Sashko’s poignant story of losing everything at the hands of Russian forces.

A Touching Encounter

During a visit to Ukraine, the Director of Photography for Imagine Dragons, Ty Arnold, had the opportunity to meet Sashko and was deeply moved by his harrowing experiences. Arnold was determined to shed light on Sashko’s ordeal and bring it to the world’s attention.

Collaborative Efforts

The music video prompted a surge in donations to UNITED24, a platform initiated by President Zelensky to gather funds for the people of Ukraine. Imagine Dragons joined forces with this organization, leading to a substantial contribution towards the cause.

Restoring Hope

Utilizing the funds received, UNITED24 undertook the complete restoration of Sashko’s house. Last week, Ty Arnold personally handed over the keys to the newly rebuilt home to Sashko and his mother, marking a significant moment of hope and renewal for the family.

Looking Ahead

While there is still much to be done in terms of rebuilding efforts in Ukraine, this compassionate initiative spearheaded by Imagine Dragons and their collaborators serves as a promising start in the journey towards recovery.