Harry Styles Takes A Chilly Swim With Girlfriend Taylor Russell


Harry Styles and his girlfriend, Taylor Russell, were recently spotted taking a freezing cold dip in the Hampstead Heath swimming ponds. The singer proudly showed off his fit physique despite the chilly weather, as captured in a fan-uploaded Instagram post.

Key Takeaway

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell continue to captivate fans with their public displays of affection and shared experiences, proving that their relationship is going strong.

Braving the Cold

Harry Styles didn’t hesitate to flaunt his ripped body during the icy swim, sporting only a beanie, underwear, and what seemed to be socks. The couple seemed unfazed by the low temperatures, enjoying their time together in the water.

A Budding Romance

Harry and Taylor’s relationship has been the subject of public interest since they were first linked in June. From romantic dates at London art galleries to VIP treatment at concerts, the pair has been inseparable. Their frequent public appearances have only fueled speculation about the seriousness of their relationship.

Staying Cozy

The couple’s outing at the press night for Taylor’s play “The Effect” in London, where they were seen mingling with personalities like James Corden, further solidified their status as a power couple. Their presence at U2’s concert in Las Vegas last month also garnered attention, especially with Harry’s surprising buzz cut.