Hailee Steinfeld Spotted In Buffalo After Josh Allen’s Victory Over Chargers


Hailee Steinfeld, the well-known actress, was seen boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Buffalo shortly after her rumored boyfriend, NFL quarterback Josh Allen, secured a win against the Chargers at SoFi Stadium. The sighting has sparked speculation about the status of their relationship, given the timing and location of her travels.

Key Takeaway

Hailee Steinfeld’s recent flight to Buffalo following Josh Allen’s triumph has reignited speculation about their relationship, with fans wondering if she is indeed his lucky charm amidst the Bills’ winning streak.

Jet-Setting Romance

Steinfeld’s discreet airport appearance, clad in a black hoodie and a mask, has fueled rumors about her potential presence at Allen’s game in Los Angeles. The couple’s relationship first made headlines when they were spotted together earlier this year, followed by a romantic getaway in Mexico. Despite maintaining a low profile in recent months, Steinfeld’s recent flight suggests that their relationship is still going strong.

Good Luck Charm?

Notably, Allen’s winning streak coincides with his relationship with Steinfeld, leading some to speculate that she may be a lucky charm for the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback. With three consecutive victories under their belt, the Bills are in contention for the coveted AFC East crown this season.