Gypsy Rose Blanchard Credits Taylor Swift’s Music For Helping Her Survive Prison


Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who recently gained parole after serving 7 years in prison, has revealed that the music of Taylor Swift played a crucial role in helping her cope with the challenges of incarceration.

Key Takeaway

Gypsy Rose Blanchard attributes Taylor Swift’s music as a significant source of support during her time in prison, highlighting its role in helping her navigate the challenges she faced.

Taylor Swift: A Source of Strength

Gypsy expressed that she has been a devoted fan of Taylor Swift since the beginning of the singer’s career. She emphasized that Swift’s music served as a source of comfort during both the best and worst times of her life, including the abuse she endured from her mother, Dee Dee, and her time in prison.

Gypsy disclosed that she utilized the funds sent by her father in prison to acquire Taylor’s albums, including the re-releases, which she found to be incredibly motivating. Her dedication to Swift’s music ultimately contributed to her ability to persevere and secure her release on parole.

A Hopeful Meeting

As Gypsy adjusts to life outside of prison, she has expressed her desire to meet Taylor Swift, with her husband having already purchased tickets for an upcoming Kansas City Chiefs game in the hope of making this dream a reality. Gypsy is contemplating acknowledging Swift on social media during the event, acknowledging that the likelihood of Taylor noticing her message is slim. Nonetheless, she remains optimistic about the possibility of their meeting.