Grambling State Makes History With Record-Breaking Win In Women’s College Basketball


Grambling State’s women’s basketball team made headlines on Tuesday night with an unprecedented victory, securing a 159-18 win against the College of Biblical Studies. This remarkable 141-point lead marked the largest margin in the history of women’s Division 1 basketball.

Key Takeaway

Grambling State’s women’s basketball team achieved a historic 159-18 victory against the College of Biblical Studies, setting a new record for the largest margin in women’s Division 1 basketball history. The team’s exceptional performance and subsequent social media activity have sparked conversations within the sports community.

The Unprecedented Victory

Grambling State’s extraordinary performance on the court not only secured a historic win but also set multiple records in the process. The team’s dominant display showcased their prowess and determination, underscoring their position in the realm of college basketball.

Post-Game Controversy

Following the game, Grambling State’s team sparked controversy by posting a tweet that appeared to taunt their opponents. The tweet, which initially featured the word “Amen,” was later edited amidst backlash. The post-game social media activity added an intriguing layer to an already remarkable event.

Noteworthy Achievements

During the game, eight players from Grambling State achieved double-digit point totals, with Arianna Mosley leading the charge with an impressive 27 points. This outstanding performance further solidified the team’s historic win and showcased individual talents within the lineup.

Setting the Record Straight

It’s important to note that Grambling State, despite this exceptional victory, is not traditionally recognized as a basketball powerhouse. The team, which entered the game with a .500 record, has now elevated their standing to 6-5 for the season, further demonstrating their potential for growth and success.

Historical Context

The College of Biblical Studies, a Division II program, is currently in the midst of its inaugural basketball season. Comprising only 8 freshman players, the team faced a formidable challenge against Grambling State, ultimately becoming part of a significant moment in the history of women’s college basketball.