GoFundMe Suspends Fraudulent Fundraiser For Murdered Las Vegas Teen


GoFundMe has taken action by suspending a suspicious fundraiser that claimed to benefit the family of a Las Vegas teen who was tragically beaten to death. The family of the deceased teenager has expressed concerns regarding the legitimacy of the fundraising campaign.

Key Takeaway

GoFundMe has suspended a suspicious fundraiser claiming to support the family of murdered Las Vegas teen, Jonathan Lewis, due to concerns about its authenticity. The platform’s Trust & Safety team is currently investigating the details provided by the fundraiser’s organizer, while funds remain securely held. GoFundMe prioritizes the well-being of its community and continues to review fundraisers associated with this tragic incident.

Questionable Fundraiser

The fundraiser in question is titled “Jonathan Lewis Family” and has managed to raise almost $2,000 since its launch last week. However, what raises more suspicion is that the main photo featured in the fundraiser is not that of 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis, but of an unrelated individual as confirmed by his father.

The details provided in the fundraiser description by an alleged organizer named Cole Charles are relatively vague, leaving room for doubts regarding the actual purpose of the campaign and the connection to the Lewis family.

GoFundMe’s Response

A spokesperson from GoFundMe has addressed the situation, stating that their Trust & Safety team has already reached out to the organizer, Cole Charles, to gather more information. Meanwhile, all funds raised through the fundraiser have been securely held by GoFundMe’s payment processors until the completion of a thorough review conducted by the Trust & Safety team.

Protecting the Community

It is important to note that there is an existing and verified fundraiser on GoFundMe which has received significant support, surpassing $100,000, and specifically benefits the Lewis family. GoFundMe emphasizes the protection of its community and has a dedicated team currently reviewing all fundraisers related to this unfortunate incident.

Background of the Tragedy

In a distressing turn of events, Jonathan Lewis was captured in a brutal beating incident near a Las Vegas high school. The attack allegedly stemmed from the theft of headphones and, possibly, a vape pen. As a result, an agreement was made among the involved parties to meet in an alley after school for a confrontation.

Following the tragic outcome, eight minors have already been arrested on murder charges in connection with Lewis’ death. Authorities believe that two more teenagers may have also been involved in the incident.