Gillie Da Kid Reflects On His Son’s Tragic Death And Personal Growth


In a tearful and heartfelt confession, rapper Gillie Da Kid opened up about the profound impact his son’s tragic death had on his life. The devastating loss took him on a transformative journey, ultimately leading him to a newfound sense of maturity.

Key Takeaway

Gillie Da Kid shares the emotional and transformative impact of his son’s tragic death. Through the grief and the painful process of saying goodbye, he finds strength and matures into a new chapter of his life.

A Moment of Sorrow

Gillie Da Kid, known for his role as co-host on the “Million Dollarz Worth of Game” podcast, shared this emotional revelation during an interview on The Pivot podcast. He recounted the somber experience of washing his late son’s body in accordance with Islamic tradition, a critical ritual in grieving and honoring the deceased.

A Transformative Journey

Gillie’s perspective shifted drastically as he went through the sobering process of caring for his son’s body. He shared, “That day, I became a man.” This pivotal moment forced him to confront the fragility of life and the depths of his own strength.

In his vulnerable state, Gillie expressed his gratitude towards fellow Philadelphia rapper Freeway, who stood by his side during this painful ordeal. Having someone to lean on and assist him through what he described as the most challenging experience of his life made a significant difference.

Honoring His Son’s Legacy

Despite the unimaginable grief, Gillie Da Kid was determined to ensure that his son was given a proper farewell. Leading the funeral procession at the renowned venue, The Met Philadelphia, he strived to create a fitting tribute to his beloved son.

However, justice has yet to be served. Police are still on the hunt for suspects involved in YNG Cheese’s untimely death, intensifying the anguish felt by Gillie and his family.