Frequent Offender Arrested For Faking Heart Attacks At Restaurants In Spain


Con artist resorts to extreme measures to avoid paying restaurant bills in Spain by pretending to have heart attacks. The culprit, identified as Aidas J., employs a clever ruse of assuming a “typical Russian tourist” persona as he traverses various eateries in Alicante, Spain, swindling unsuspecting establishments.

Key Takeaway

A conniving con artist in Spain has been caught utilizing a peculiar tactic of faking heart attacks to evade payment at restaurants. Despite being arrested multiple times, the individual continues to exploit unsuspecting establishments. Eatery owners are disseminating his image to heighten awareness and prevent further scams.

A Scheming Culprit’s Modus Operandi

In his latest attempt to deceive, Aidas visited El Buen Comer and indulged in a sumptuous seafood dish accompanied by two whiskies. Once satiated, he proceeded to sneak out of the establishment without settling his bill. However, the astute staff member foiled his plan, demanding payment amounting to $36.80.

Unfazed, Aidas claimed he needed to retrieve the money from his hotel room. When met with skepticism, he resorted to feigning illness, dramatically collapsing to the floor. Undeterred, the staff promptly alerted the authorities. The responding police officers quickly recognized Aidas as a notorious scam artist who had been apprehended numerous times for similar fraudulent activities.

Consequences for the Culprit

Aidas was promptly arrested for attempting to elude his $36 bill and was subsequently escorted to the local police station. Typically, he spends a few days behind bars before resurfacing to resume his devious exploits.

Restaurant owners in the port city have taken extra precautions by disseminating images of Aidas, urging vigilance among the public to thwart his unscrupulous acts.