Felicity Huffman Opens Up About College Admissions Scandal: The Difficult Choices For A Parent


Actress Felicity Huffman, known for her role in the popular TV series “Desperate Housewives,” is breaking her silence about her involvement in the college admissions scandal that led to her imprisonment. In an interview with KABC’s Marc Brown, Huffman revealed her motivations and the difficult choices she made in the name of her daughter’s future.

Key Takeaway

Felicity Huffman, in a candid interview, discussed her motivations behind the college admissions scandal, emphasizing the difficult choices she made as a parent to secure her daughter’s future.

The Struggle to Secure a College Spot

Huffman admitted that she hired college counselor coach Rick Singer, who came highly recommended, to help her daughter gain admission to her preferred college. After working with Singer for a year, she received the disheartening news that her daughter was not competitive enough to be accepted by any of the colleges she desired.

According to Huffman, it was at this point that Singer introduced her to a criminal scheme. Feeling desperate and concerned about her daughter’s future, Huffman made the fateful decision to participate in this illegal activity.

A Heartbreaking Choice

In an emotional statement, Huffman explained, “It was sort of like my daughter’s future, which meant I had to break the law.” The actress firmly believed that this was the only option left to secure a better future for her child.

However, Huffman’s actions did not come without consequences. The FBI raided her home and, in a scene reminiscent of racial disparities in law enforcement, she described how her daughters were awoken at gunpoint. Huffman herself was handcuffed and detained.

Despite her regrets and the impact on her personal life, Huffman served a brief 11-day sentence for her involvement in the scandal.

The Aftermath and Redemption

Throughout this challenging experience, Huffman’s daughter Sophia remained unaware of her mother’s actions. Sophia is currently pursuing a drama degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Since her release from prison, Huffman has been focused on giving back to society. She has been working with A New Way of Life, an organization that aids incarcerated women in their transition back into society.

The repercussions of the college admissions scandal continue to ripple through society, shedding light on the pressures faced by parents and their determination to provide the best opportunities for their children. Huffman’s story serves as a reminder of the ethical challenges individuals may confront in their relentless pursuit of success.