Fan’s Unusual Prep For Duke’s Mayo Bowl Goes Viral


One dedicated college football fan is making headlines for his unique way of getting ready for the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Just hours before the UNC vs. West Virginia matchup kicked off, the fan was spotted chugging a bottle of mayonnaise at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl FanFest near Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The video of his unusual feat quickly went viral, drawing a mix of reactions from viewers.

Key Takeaway

A college football fan’s viral video of chugging mayonnaise at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl FanFest has captured attention, adding to the anticipation and unique atmosphere of the event.

Unconventional Pre-Game Ritual

The fan, dressed in a Nike hoodie and blue jeans, fearlessly took on the challenge, downing the mayo without hesitation. The Duke’s social media team was so impressed by his display of team spirit that they shared the footage, further amplifying the buzz around the event.

While some may have been put off by the spectacle, it garnered positive feedback, with one fan expressing their hopes for their alma mater to play in the bowl someday. The unconventional pre-game ritual certainly set the stage for the unique and exciting atmosphere of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Anticipation for the Main Event

As the teams took to the field, the mayonnaise chug served as just a taste of the excitement to come. The Duke’s Mayo Bowl promised more unforgettable moments, including the tradition of dousing the winning coach in the condiment. The fan’s bold display of enthusiasm is a testament to the fervor surrounding this one-of-a-kind event.