Elle Macpherson’s Unconventional Secret To Staying Youthful Revealed


Elle Macpherson, the iconic supermodel, is approaching her 60th birthday, but she seems to be defying the conventional aging process. In a recent interview on the podcast ‘Style DNA’ with host Amanda Wakeley, Elle shared some of her unconventional beauty tips that she credits for helping her maintain her youthful appearance.

Key Takeaway

Elle Macpherson’s unconventional beauty and wellness practices, including her habit of going to bed nude, have sparked curiosity and conversation about alternative approaches to aging gracefully.

Going to Bed Nude: A Key to Youthfulness?

One of the most surprising revelations from the interview was Elle’s habit of going to bed completely nude. According to her, this practice, combined with getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night, is crucial for maintaining her youthful glow. Elle emphasized that she goes to bed with a smile, a happy heart, and an eye mask, all while letting her skin breathe by forgoing clothes.

While the supermodel didn’t delve into the scientific reasoning behind this practice, it’s clear that she attributes part of her age-defying beauty to this unconventional habit.

Other Beauty and Wellness Practices

Aside from her unique bedtime routine, Elle also shared other aspects of her daily regimen. She revealed that she avoids caffeine and consumes her final meal of the day at 5 p.m., followed by a comforting hot chocolate before retiring for the night. In the morning, Elle starts her day with 25 minutes of in-bed meditation, followed by a refreshing dip in the ocean and yoga exercises at sunrise. She also incorporates swimming, cycling, hiking, and infrared saunas into her routine, all of which contribute to her overall well-being.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Wellness

Elle’s lifestyle choices reflect a holistic approach to maintaining her physical and mental well-being. From her unconventional sleep habits to her commitment to regular exercise and self-care practices, Elle’s approach to aging gracefully is certainly unconventional but undeniably intriguing.