E-40 Honored With Street Renaming In Vallejo, CA


In a momentous occasion, the city of Vallejo, CA paid tribute to Bay Area rap icon E-40 by renaming a street in his honor. On October 21st, the date will now be officially known as “E-40 Day” in his hometown.

Key Takeaway

E-40, the legendary Bay Area rapper, has been honored with a street renaming ceremony in Vallejo, CA. October 21st will now be recognized as “E-40 Day” in his hometown. This event not only commemorates his impressive music career but also acknowledges his dedication to his community.

A Legendary Legacy

E-40, also known as Earl Stevens, put Vallejo on the hip hop map over 30 years ago. His innovative style, unique flow, and unmistakable voice catapulted him to success in the music industry. Now, his contributions are being recognized and celebrated with this incredible street renaming ceremony.

During the event, nearly 200 members of E-40’s family, including those from The Click, joined in the joyous celebration. Fans and fellow artists, such as Mistah F.A.B, also showed their support by attending the ceremony.

A Symbolic Gesture

The highlight of the day was the official renaming of Magazine St. to “E-40 Way.” As a crowd gathered to witness this historic moment, E-40 embraced the significance of the occasion. He even planted a kiss on the street sign, a poignant gesture that showcased the full circle of his journey.

It was a particularly nostalgic moment for E-40, as he had been photographed at the same spot twenty years ago to promote his album, “Breakin News!!!” This symbolic connection further emphasized his enduring impact on Vallejo and the music industry as a whole.

A Distinguished Honor

E-40’s contribution to his community goes beyond music. In recognition of his dedication, he became only the second person in Vallejo’s 172-year history to receive the Key to the City. Mayor Robert McConnell presented E-40 with a proclamation, solidifying his status as a beloved hometown hero.

Continuing to Make Waves

E-40 shows no signs of slowing down. With platinum-selling records and countless hits under his belt, he has firmly secured his place in the rap pantheon. The street renaming is a fitting tribute to an artist who has proudly represented his city throughout his illustrious career.

In addition to this well-deserved honor, E-40 has more in store for his fans. He is set to release a highly anticipated album before the year’s end, ensuring that his distinctive voice and iconic catchphrases will continue to resonate with listeners.