Draymond Green Vows To Eliminate ‘Antics’ Upon Return To The Court


NBA star Draymond Green is determined to make a fresh start as he prepares to rejoin the Golden State Warriors after serving an indefinite suspension. The 33-year-old athlete recently spoke to the media, expressing his confidence in removing the controversial “antics” from his playing style.

Key Takeaway

Draymond Green is committed to shedding the controversial “antics” from his playing style as he prepares to return to the Golden State Warriors, emphasizing the importance of self-improvement and a renewed focus on the game.

Seeking Self-Improvement

During his absence from the team, Green took the opportunity to reflect on his behavior and sought counseling to address the changes he needed to make in his life. He emphasized that this was not merely a formality, but a genuine effort to work on himself.

Green shared that he spent the initial days of his suspension focusing on aspects of his personal life outside of basketball, highlighting the importance of spending time with his children and taking a break from his professional obligations.

Commitment to Change

While acknowledging the impact of his actions on the team, Green expressed a sense of urgency to return to the court, but also emphasized the need to prioritize his physical well-being to avoid potential injuries.

He admitted that his recent behavior had been excessive and affirmed his determination to eliminate the disruptive elements from his game. Green acknowledged the need for change while maintaining his authenticity as a player.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Green remains focused on refining his approach and expressed confidence that by addressing the “antics,” he can enhance his overall performance on the court. He emphasized the importance of maintaining authenticity while striving for sustainable and positive change.