Dove Shack Rapper C-Knight Dies At Age 52 After Stroke, Taken Off Life Support


Legendary rapper C-Knight, a member of the renowned hip hop group The Dove Shack, has unfortunately passed away at the age of 52. After battling health complications, he was recently taken off life support following a stroke. This news has saddened fans and the music community, as C-Knight was an influential figure in the West Coast G-Funk movement of the 1990s.

Key Takeaway

Rapper C-Knight, from The Dove Shack, has tragically passed away at the age of 52 after being taken off life support due to a stroke. His contributions to the West Coast G-Funk music scene will be remembered by fans and the music community.

Battling Health Complications

C-Knight, whose real name was Arnez Blount, was admitted to the hospital in mid-October after his blood sugar levels reached a concerning level due to his diabetes. Unfortunately, while receiving dialysis treatment, he suffered a stroke that led to cardiac arrest. Despite being resuscitated by medical professionals, C-Knight remained unresponsive, and there were no signs of improvement throughout his time on life support.

Awaiting Crucial MRI Results

During this challenging time, C-Knight’s family was anxiously awaiting the results of a crucial MRI scan, hoping for any signs of notable brain activity. However, despite their optimism, the unfortunate decision was made to remove him from life support. This heartbreaking news further emphasizes the importance of early medical intervention and continued care for individuals with underlying health conditions.

A Pioneer of West Coast G-Funk

The Dove Shack, comprised of C-Knight, Bo-Roc, and 2Scoops, played a significant role in the West Coast G-Funk music movement of the 1990s. Alongside prominent artists such as Warren G and Snoop Dogg, the group emerged with memorable hits like “Summertime in the LBC,” “This Is The Shack,” and “Smoke Out.” C-Knight’s lyrical talent and contributions to the genre will forever be celebrated and remembered.

The news of C-Knight’s passing has left a void in the music industry, and fans across the world are expressing their heartfelt condolences. His legacy will endure through the timeless music he created as part of The Dove Shack, leaving a lasting impact on the hip hop community.

Rest in peace, C-Knight.