Dodgers Take Strong Action In Response To Julio Urias’ Arrest


New Locker Assignment and Mural Removal Suggest Dodgers Moving On from Julio Urias

The Los Angeles Dodgers have taken decisive action following the arrest of pitcher Julio Urias earlier this month. The team has not only removed Urias’ locker from the clubhouse, but they have also scrubbed a few murals around Dodger Stadium that featured the star player. These moves by the Dodgers indicate that they may be ready to move on from Urias.

Key Takeaway

The Los Angeles Dodgers have taken swift action in response to Julio Urias’ arrest, removing his locker and scrubbing murals featuring him at Dodger Stadium. These actions suggest that the team is ready to move on from Urias as they seek to distance themselves from the serious allegations he faces.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Urias’ locker has been given to the team’s new infielder, Kolten Wong. This gesture signifies that the Dodgers are prepared to fill the void left by Urias and move forward without him. In an interview with reporters, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts expressed his sadness over the situation and revealed that he has not had any communication with Urias since the arrest. Roberts stated, “It’s sad on every level. It’s a very, very unfortunate, sad situation.”

In addition to removing Urias’ locker, the Dodgers have also taken steps to erase his presence from Dodger Stadium. At least two images of Urias have been removed, including a mural where he was prominently featured. The team has painted over the mural, further suggesting their desire to distance themselves from Urias in light of the charges against him.

Currently, Urias is on administrative leave from the team as Major League Baseball investigates the allegations that he pushed a woman into a fence during an incident at an MLS game. There is one felony charge of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant pending against Urias. It remains to be seen how this legal situation will unfold and its impact on Urias’ future in professional baseball.

Prior to his arrest, Urias had an inconsistent season for the Dodgers, with an 11-8 record and a 4.60 ERA. With his impending free agency after this season, his legal situation could further complicate his future in professional baseball.