DJ Envy’s IHeart Offices Clear Of Raid, No Equipment Seized


DJ Envy’s ex-business partner, Cesar Pina, has been arrested on fraud charges. However, recent reports suggesting that federal officials raided the iHeartRadio offices and confiscated electronic equipment are false, according to reliable sources within federal law enforcement.

Key Takeaway

The reports of federal officials raiding DJ Envy’s iHeartRadio offices and confiscating equipment have been proven false. DJ Envy asserts his status as a victim in the fraud case involving his ex-business partner, Cesar Pina, who has been charged with wire fraud. Envy’s attorney emphasizes his client’s innocence in the matter.

Envy’s attorney, Massimo D’Angelo, has dismissed these reports as yet another instance of media sensationalization, aimed at linking his client to the alleged fraud. D’Angelo emphasizes that Envy is, in fact, a victim and not a perpetrator in this case.

Law enforcement sources corroborate this information, while a representative from iHeartMedia has also confirmed that no equipment was taken from their premises.

Envy Alerted of Pina’s Arrest

The New Jersey Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI jointly investigated the case. Officials from these organizations were present at the iHeartRadio offices to notify Envy about Pina’s arrest.

Pina has been charged with wire fraud and has entered a plea of not guilty. He was released on a $1 million bond, with the condition that he remains within the state and wears electronic monitoring.

It is crucial to note that DJ Envy has not been charged with any crimes, and he vehemently maintains his innocence. Envy claims to have personally suffered a financial loss of $500,000 due to the alleged fraudulent activities.