Devin Haney And Regis Prograis Engage In Fiery Exchange Ahead Of Title Fight


In a highly anticipated showdown, Devin Haney and Regis Prograis found themselves embroiled in a heated argument during the final press conference leading up to their WBC title fight scheduled for December 9 in San Francisco.

Key Takeaway

The confrontation between Devin Haney and Regis Prograis at the press conference adds to the anticipation of their upcoming WBC title fight. The exchange of words showcased the pride, skill, and rivalry that fuels the world of boxing.

A War of Words

The tension between the two fighters escalated after Haney’s team confidently claimed that he would knock out Prograis. Challenging this statement, Prograis questioned Haney’s knockout record, asking, “Who have you knocked out, Devin? Who have you really knocked out? Nobody!”

Tempers flared as expletives flew across the room, with both fighters exchanging verbal blows. Prograis, boasting 24 knockouts in 30 fights, aimed to undermine Haney’s reputation. However, Haney, undefeated in his career with 15 knockouts, fired back, stating, “You’re slow! You’re a one-trick pony. You do the same thing in every fight!”

A Battle of Pride and Skill

This confrontation highlights the intensity and rivalry that fuels boxing. Prograis, eager to prove his mettle, made it clear to the crowd and even directed his words at Haney’s father, Bill, that he intends to “hurt” Devin in the upcoming fight.

Unfazed by Prograis’ taunts, Haney remained calm and collected, dismissing the threats and confidently proclaiming, “You won’t hurt a thing. I’m going to beat you down, just watch!”

Anticipation Builds

As the tension continues to mount, fight fans eagerly await the clash between these two skilled fighters. Both Haney and Prograis possess a formidable track record, making this title fight one that promises to captivate audiences. With Haney’s undefeated record and Prograis’ knockout power, the outcome of this match remains uncertain.