Desean Jackson Sets Sights On Building Empire Beyond Football


In a recent interview on the “No Jumper” podcast, former Philadelphia Eagles star Desean Jackson expressed his ambitions to build a financial empire beyond his successful NFL career. While Jackson earned over $91 million throughout his time in the league, he stated that he is not satisfied with his career earnings and aspires to reach the same level of success as basketball legend Magic Johnson.

Key Takeaway

Desean Jackson, despite earning over $91 million in his NFL career, is not satisfied with his earnings and aims to build an empire akin to Magic Johnson’s success off the court.

During the podcast, Jackson acknowledged that while he is grateful for the money he made in the NFL, he understands that those paychecks are no longer coming. The 37-year-old wide receiver, known for his hustler mentality, emphasized that he wants to secure his future and provide for his children on a grand scale.

He stated, “The hustler I am, I ain’t satisfied with the money I made in the NFL. I would meet you today, and you wouldn’t even think I made 100 plus million in NFL. Because guess what? That money right there, that’s going to make my future be cool for my kids.”

Jackson revealed his current pursuits, venturing into private equity and real estate, as he seeks to diversify his investments and generate further wealth. He expressed his determination to move beyond the NFL, declaring, “S*, f* the NFL. That s* was cool, but what’s next? I’m trying to go touch some Magic Johnson-type s*.”

While Magic Johnson has become renowned for his successful investments, including ownership stakes in the Los Angeles Dodgers and Sparks, as well as the Washington Commanders, Jackson aims to build a larger empire beyond his football skills. His remarks made it clear that he is dedicated to making this vision a reality.

Desean Jackson’s desire to achieve greater financial success and build a legacy that extends beyond his playing days showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and determination. As he sets his sights on ventures outside of football, it will be interesting to see how his ambitions unfold in the world of business and investing.