David Schwimmer’s Generosity And Bond With Friends Co-Stars Highlighted In Matthew Perry’s Memoir


Matthew Perry’s recent passing has brought attention back to his old co-star, David Schwimmer, and a heartwarming anecdote about his generosity. The Guardian recently uncovered this touching tale from Perry’s memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,’ published last year.

Key Takeaway

David Schwimmer’s generosity and business acumen led the ‘Friends’ cast to negotiate their salaries together, ensuring that everyone was fairly compensated. His selfless act fostered a sense of unity and power among the cast, ultimately resulting in each actor earning around a million dollars per episode by Season 8.

Money Matters on the Set of ‘Friends’

In his book, Perry recounts how the dynamics of money changed on the set of ‘Friends’ during their filming in the ’90s. During Season 1, all the stars were earning around $22,000 per episode. However, by Season 2, Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston started earning more due to their popularity, particularly because of the iconic Ross/Rachel romance storyline.

Schwimmer Takes a Stand

As Season 3 approached, the network wanted to offer Schwimmer and Aniston even higher salaries given their fan-favorite status. However, Schwimmer had a different idea. He suggested collective bargaining, ensuring that everyone, including himself and Aniston, would earn the same amount, even if it meant a pay cut for them.

The Impact of Schwimmer’s Decision

Perry acknowledges Schwimmer’s selfless act, stating, “David had certainly been in a position to go for the most money, and he didn’t. I would like to think that I would have made the same move, but as a greedy 25-year-old, I’m not sure I would have.” Schwimmer’s decision paved the way for the cast to take care of each other during subsequent network negotiations.

The story of Schwimmer’s kindness resurfaced recently, adding to the grief and devastation following Perry’s untimely death. The cast attended a small, private funeral for Perry, expressing their collective shock and sorrow over his passing. Perry’s death remains a mystery, with an ongoing investigation.

As fans continue to mourn the loss of Perry, it serves as a reminder of the lasting bond between the ‘Friends’ cast and the impact they had on each other both on and off-screen.