Daryl Hall Accuses John Oates Of Secretly Selling Out To Third Party, Files To Block Deal: The Hall & Oates Partnership Dispute


Hall & Oates, the iconic musical duo, is facing a major rift as Daryl Hall accuses his partner, John Oates, of secretly selling his half of their partnership to a third party without his knowledge or consent. In a legal battle that has now been made public, Hall is seeking to block the sale of Oates’ share of Whole Oats Enterprises (WOE), a company they jointly established to manage their assets.

Key Takeaway

The partnership dispute between Daryl Hall and John Oates has escalated as Hall accuses Oates of secretly selling his share to a third party. Hall’s concerns about the reputation of the company involved and the alleged strategic timing of the sale have further intensified the conflict. The legal battle and arbitration proceedings will determine the future of the Hall & Oates partnership.

Background of the Dispute

According to the legal documents filed by Daryl Hall, the duo had previously agreed to a “business divorce” in 2022, which would involve the division of their assets. However, Hall claims that Oates blindsided him by secretly striking a deal to sell his portion of WOE to a company called Primary Wave. This revelation came just two days before Hall was set to embark on a tour, leading him to believe that Oates intentionally timed the sale to distract and harm him.

Concerns over the Third Party Sale

Daryl Hall expresses strong opposition to the involvement of Primary Wave in the partnership. He cites concerns that the company has a reputation for exploiting copyrights and trademarks of artists after acquiring their catalogs. Hall wants to retain control over his name and likeness and believes that allowing Primary Wave to become a partner would be detrimental.

The Timing of the Sale

One aspect of the dispute that further exacerbates the tension is the alleged intentional timing of the sale. Daryl Hall accuses John Oates of strategically choosing to complete the deal just as Hall was beginning his tour. Hall claims that this was a deliberate attempt to create an ambush and distract him, potentially sabotaging his performances.

Legal Action and Arbitration

In response to these developments, Daryl Hall has sought a restraining order against John Oates to prevent the sale of his share to Primary Wave. Hall is also pushing for the dispute to be settled through arbitration. Until a resolution is reached, he is appealing to the court to block Oates’ sale to Primary Wave.