Daniel Day-Lewis Stands Firm On Acting Retirement, Blames Streaming For His Decision


Daniel Day-Lewis, the renowned actor, is resolute in his decision to retire from acting, and according to his long-time collaborator, director Jim Sheridan, streaming services are a significant factor in his choice to step away from the spotlight.

Key Takeaway

Daniel Day-Lewis remains steadfast in his decision to retire from acting, citing discontent with the impact of streaming on the film industry as a contributing factor. Despite the appeals from directors, including Jim Sheridan and Martin Scorsese, Day-Lewis has not shown any inclination to reverse his retirement.

Daniel’s Grievance with Streaming

Jim Sheridan, who has worked with Day-Lewis on three different movies, revealed to ScreenDaily that the actor is adamant about his retirement. He expressed that Day-Lewis is disenchanted with the impact of the streaming revolution on the film industry, describing the multitude of choices available on streaming platforms as subpar. Day-Lewis believes that the shift of films from the public domain to a private one, where viewers can easily pause or stop the movie, has altered the cinematic experience for the worse.

Director’s Hope for a Comeback

Despite Day-Lewis’s firm stance, Sheridan remains hopeful and continues to engage in discussions with the actor, expressing his desire to collaborate with him once more. He emphasized the exceptional talent of Day-Lewis and the desire to see him return to the big screen.

Notable Collaboration and Retirement

The collaboration between Jim Sheridan and Daniel Day-Lewis has yielded remarkable results, with the actor receiving accolades such as an Oscar for “My Left Foot” and nominations for “In the Name of the Father” and “The Boxer.” Day-Lewis previously took a break from acting after his award-winning performance in “Lincoln” and ultimately retired after his role in “Phantom Thread.”