Dan Dakich’s Solution To Court-Storming Issue: Increased Police Presence And Big Fines


Dan Dakich, a former Hoosiers star and current sports analyst, has proposed a straightforward solution to the issue of court-storming in college basketball. According to Dakich, the key to preventing potential dangers during post-game celebrations is to increase police presence and impose significant fines on schools.

Key Takeaway

Dan Dakich proposes increased police presence and substantial fines as a solution to the court-storming issue in college basketball, aiming to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in post-game celebrations.

Dakich’s Proposal: Enhanced Security and Deterrent Penalties

Dakich suggests that schools should bolster their security measures by deploying a strong police presence during games where court-storming is likely to occur. He emphasizes the importance of creating a safe environment for all individuals involved, particularly the players and coaching staff of the visiting team. By strategically stationing law enforcement officers and establishing clear boundaries, Dakich believes that the celebratory rush can be managed effectively.

In addition to heightened security measures, Dakich advocates for the implementation of substantial fines as a deterrent for schools. He asserts that imposing significant financial penalties on institutions that fail to control court-storming incidents would incentivize them to take proactive measures in preventing such occurrences. Dakich emphasizes the need to hold schools accountable and ensure that they prioritize the safety of all individuals involved in the post-game celebrations.

Reactions to Court-Storming Incidents

The discussion surrounding court-storming gained momentum following an incident where Kyle Filipowski, a player for Duke basketball, was injured during a post-game rush by Wake Forest supporters. This has prompted calls from various figures within the sport, including ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, for stricter measures such as citations or arrests to address the issue.

However, Dakich, drawing from his personal experience of a player being injured during a court-storming situation, remains opposed to such stringent actions. He highlights that while the recent incident has sparked significant concern, it is essential to approach the matter with a balanced perspective, considering the frequency of court-storming events in college basketball.