CSU’s Henry Blackburn Expresses Concern For His Sisters’ Safety Following Death Threats Over Tackle


Colorado State University defensive back Henry Blackburn is speaking out about the death threats he received in the aftermath of a late hit on Travis Hunter, a standout cornerback/wide receiver. While the incident created controversy, Blackburn’s primary concern was the safety of his younger sisters.

Key Takeaway

Henry Blackburn, a Colorado State University football player, expressed concern for his sisters’ safety following death threats he received after a controversial tackle. The incident led to a reconciliation between Blackburn and Travis Hunter, with both athletes demonstrating admirable sportsmanship and unity. They also used their platform to promote positivity, donating to a charity and planning future collaborations.

Threats and Reconciliation

Blackburn addressed the threats during a heartfelt conversation with Hunter, who extended an invitation for a sit-down chat on his YouTube channel, showcasing an extraordinary display of sportsmanship and positivity. Reflecting on the situation, Blackburn stated, “All that stuff that went down after the game, like, I can take it. I’m not trippin’ about me,” emphasizing that his main worry was his sisters’ well-being.

Luckily, the situation has since calmed down, thanks to Hunter’s support. The injured star player, who suffered a lacerated liver as a result of the tackle, spoke out against the death threats and negative comments, calling for kindness and unity within the community. Hunter’s defense of Blackburn provided a turning point in the aftermath of the incident, leaving Henry grateful for the support.

A Positive Perspective

Both Hunter and Blackburn believe that the controversial tackle ultimately brought them together to shed light on the other side of football. To demonstrate their unity and spread positivity, the two athletes engaged in a friendly bowling competition. Additionally, they each pledged $1,000, totaling $2,000, which they donated to a charity selected by the winner. Despite Hunter emerging as the victor, he allowed Blackburn to choose the recipient, and Henry selected Realities For Children, an organization dedicated to assisting abused, neglected, abandoned, and at-risk children in Colorado.

Furthermore, the pair plans to collaborate on more YouTube videos, aiming to delight their fans while continuing to promote a message of positivity and goodwill.