Controversy Erupts Over Buzzer-Beater Call In NJ Playoff Basketball Game


Referees at a New Jersey high school playoff basketball game have come forward to acknowledge a critical error in their decision-making. The officials admit to wrongfully calling off a buzzer-beating shot at the end of a game, sparking outrage and disappointment among players and fans.

Key Takeaway

Referees in a crucial New Jersey high school playoff basketball game admit to making a game-changing error by wrongfully disallowing a buzzer-beating shot, causing significant controversy and disappointment.

What Happened?

The incident took place during the New Jersey Sports Interscholastic Athletic Association Group 2 semifinal game between the Camden Panthers and the Manasquan Warriors. With the Panthers leading by a single point and only seconds remaining, the game came down to a dramatic conclusion.

After a missed 3-pointer by Warriors’ player Rey Weinseimer, his teammate Griffin Linstra successfully made a put-back just before the final buzzer. This shot, if counted, would have secured the victory for the Warriors.

The Controversial Call

Despite the apparent game-winning basket, the referees convened and controversially waived off the shot, ultimately altering the outcome of the game. This decision was met with disbelief, as video evidence clearly showed that there was still time on the clock when Linstra released the ball.

Repercussions and Response

The NJSIAA confirmed the referees’ error but declined Manasquan’s appeal, citing an inability to alter the final score due to the rules of the game. The organization expressed regret for the mistake and apologized to the affected teams.