Cher Seeks Conservatorship For Son Elijah’s Financial Affairs


Cher has taken legal action to oversee her son Elijah’s financial matters by filing for conservatorship. The renowned singer-songwriter has expressed concerns about her son’s ability to manage his finances due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues. Cher aims to ensure that Elijah’s trust funds are utilized for his essential needs and not for substance abuse.

Key Takeaway

Cher has filed for conservatorship to oversee her son Elijah's financial resources, citing concerns about his ability to manage them due to mental health and substance abuse issues.

Cher’s Concerns and Legal Action

  • Cher files for conservatorship to control Elijah’s access to his trust funds.
  • Documents highlight Elijah’s struggles with mental health and substance abuse.
  • Cher asserts that she is best positioned to serve as Elijah’s conservator.

According to the filed documents, Elijah, aged 47, is currently incapable of effectively managing his financial resources. The trust, established by his late father, Gregg Allman, entitles Elijah to regular payouts. However, Cher is apprehensive that these funds might be misused for substance abuse instead of addressing basic living necessities.

Legal Proceedings and Family Dynamics

  • Court hearing scheduled for March 6, 2024, to address the conservatorship petition.
  • Cher emphasizes her role as a concerned mother and the support from Elijah’s siblings.
  • Allegations of interference by Elijah’s estranged wife, Marieangela King.

Cher’s legal action is a significant step in ensuring Elijah’s well-being and addressing his ongoing challenges. The upcoming court hearing will determine the outcome of Cher’s petition to take on the role of conservator for Elijah’s estate.