Chaka Khan Sets Aside ‘Silly Grudge’ With Kanye West Over Sampled Voice


Chaka Khan, the renowned R&B singer, has revealed that she is no longer holding a grudge against Kanye West for using a sample of her voice in his debut single. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Khan reflected on her past reactions to the song “Through the Wire,” admitting that she had been “salty” about the use of her vocals in the track.

Key Takeaway

Chaka Khan has put an end to her previous grievances with Kanye West over the sampling of her voice, acknowledging that she would have embraced the cultural impact of the song “Through the Wire” had she understood it at the time.

Embracing the Impact

Despite her previous reservations, Khan expressed that she would have embraced Kanye’s sampling had she understood its cultural impact at the time. She acknowledged that “sped-up” versions of songs, similar to what Kanye did with “Through the Wire,” are currently popular on platforms like TikTok, indicating a shift in her perspective on the matter.

A Change of Heart

Chaka Khan’s decision to let go of the past animosity towards Kanye West’s sampling marks a significant development in their musical relationship. This shift in attitude reflects a broader trend in the music industry, where artists are increasingly recognizing the evolving dynamics of music creation and consumption.