Buffalo Bills’ Sean McDermott Apologizes For Controversial 9/11 Analogy


Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has recently offered a heartfelt apology for using a 9/11 terrorist analogy in a motivational speech to his team. McDermott expressed remorse during a press conference, admitting that he deeply regretted his choice of words and recognized the insensitivity of his remarks.

Key Takeaway

Bills head coach Sean McDermott has apologized for using a 9/11 terrorist analogy in a misguided attempt to motivate his team. McDermott acknowledged the insensitivity of his remarks and took immediate steps to apologize to the team. He expressed a commitment to personal growth and understanding, emphasizing the importance of unity within the team.

Misguided Motivation Speech

The incident occurred during the Bills’ 2021 training camp when McDermott sought to emphasize the importance of effective communication and teamwork among his players. Unfortunately, in his attempt to convey this message, he drew a misguided parallel to the terrorists responsible for the September 11 attacks in 2001.

According to reports, McDermott likened the hijackers’ ability to collaborate and execute their plans to the need for his team to be on the same page. This analogy drew widespread criticism for its inappropriate nature, as 9/11 was a profoundly tragic event in American history.

A Genuinely Contrite Apology

Addressing the media, McDermott expressed sincere remorse for his ill-advised reference, acknowledging its profound insensitivity. He immediately took responsibility for his words, expressing his regret to the entire team shortly after the incident occurred during the training camp.

McDermott went on to explain that his intention was merely to stress the significance of unity and cohesion within the team. He also revealed plans to personally apologize to his current roster individually, recognizing the gravity of his mistake and demonstrating a commitment to understanding and growth.

The coach further emphasized the personal impact of 9/11 on his life, sharing that he lost a close family friend on that tragic day. He emphasized that the article that surfaced and the allegations mentioned within would not be the focus of discussion, reiterating that his primary concern is taking responsibility for his actions and ensuring such an incident does not occur again.

Regaining Focus on Football

While this controversy has understandably garnered significant attention, the Bills’ focus remains on their upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Currently standing at a 6-6 record for the season, McDermott and his team are well aware of the pivotal role a win in this match plays in keeping their playoff hopes alive.