Browns’ Elijah Moore Suffers Scary Head Injury On ‘Thursday Night Football’


The Cleveland Browns’ victory on Thursday night was overshadowed by a frightening incident involving their standout wide receiver, Elijah Moore. The young player sustained a severe head injury during the game and experienced convulsions on the field, causing great concern among fans and fellow players.

Key Takeaway

Elijah Moore’s alarming head injury during the game against the New York Jets has raised concerns about his well-being and future participation, overshadowing the Cleveland Browns’ victory and playoff advancement.

The Terrifying Moment

  • Elijah Moore suffered a harrowing head injury during the “Thursday Night Football” game against the New York Jets.
  • The injury occurred just before halftime when Moore’s head made forceful contact with the turf after an impactful catch.
  • Replays of the incident revealed that Moore was unable to brace himself for the fall, leading to immediate loss of consciousness and visible twitching.

Recovery and Uncertain Future

Following the distressing incident, Moore regained consciousness and was attended to by the team’s medical staff. He was unable to return to the game and has been placed in the NFL’s concussion protocol. As a result, his availability for the Browns’ upcoming crucial matchup against the Bengals is in question. Despite his notable performance prior to the injury, catching five passes for 61 yards and a touchdown, Moore’s health takes precedence over his on-field contributions.

A Bittersweet Victory

Despite Moore’s absence, the Cleveland Browns secured a significant 37-20 win, earning a spot in the playoffs. The team’s achievement is undoubtedly bittersweet, with concerns for Moore’s well-being at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The victory serves as a source of encouragement during this challenging time, and the entire football community hopes for Elijah Moore’s swift and full recovery.