Brittany Renner Reveals Shocking Details About Her Sex Life, Stuns Shannon Sharpe


Reality television star Brittany Renner recently made a shocking revelation about her sex life, leaving former NFL player Shannon Sharpe stunned. During an episode of Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Renner disclosed that she has slept with 35 men. The unexpected revelation caught Sharpe off guard, prompting him to take a swig of booze to process the astonishing number.

Key Takeaway

Brittany Renner’s revelation about her sexual history, including her encounters with 35 men, shocked Shannon Sharpe during an episode of his “Club Shay Shay” podcast. Renner also shared personal details about her past relationship with NBA player P.J. Washington, emphasizing her lack of animosity towards him and his fiancée.

A Comparison to Derek Jeter’s Dating Life

The conversation unfolded while discussing the dating life of former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter. Renner drew parallels between her own experiences and Jeter’s, leading her to disclose her body count to Sharpe.

Sharpe’s reaction was nothing short of bewildered, as he appeared to have seen a ghost. He nearly spit out his water and felt compelled to take a shot of alcohol in response to Renner’s revelation.

An Unfiltered Discussion

Continuing the intimate conversation, Renner went on to share a personal anecdote about contracting a yeast infection after engaging in sexual activity with three different men within a 24-hour period.

The discussion didn’t stop there, as Renner delved into her past relationship with NBA player P.J. Washington. She revealed that she had been on birth control for a decade but decided to go off it when she started dating Washington because she believed he was “the one.”

Renner expressed that despite their separation, she harbors no ill feelings towards Washington and even congratulated him on his recent engagement to Alisah Chanel. In fact, Renner stated that she sat down with Washington’s fiancée and had a four-hour conversation over brunch, affirming that they are a perfect match.