Britney Spears Secures 25% Of Net Profits For Memoir ‘Woman In Me’


Britney Spears is set to reap significant financial rewards from her memoir, “Woman in Me,” as it has been revealed that she will receive a 25% cut of the book’s net profits. This lucrative arrangement is expected to cover the substantial $12.5 million advance Spears received for the publication.

Key Takeaway

Britney Spears is set to receive a substantial 25% cut of the net profits from her memoir, “Woman in Me,” which should cover the

2.5 million advance she received. The book has achieved remarkable sales figures, with over 400,000 copies sold so far. The behind-the-scenes efforts of Britney’s loyal friend and manager, Cade Hudson, have played a crucial role in the publication’s success.

Securing a Lucrative Deal

Contrary to previous reports of a $15 million advance, our sources have confirmed that Britney Spears received a $12.5 million advance for her memoir. The 25% share of net profits that she stands to gain should be enough to compensate for this substantial sum.

“The Woman in Me” is currently available for purchase on Amazon, priced at $23.05, down from its original price of $32.99. Kindle users can also acquire the electronic version for $16.99. Furthermore, an audio CD edition of the memoir is available for $29.69 per copy.

Impressive Sales Performance

Since its release, “The Woman in Me” has sold over 400,000 copies, and the trajectory suggests that sales could exceed one million copies. This extraordinary performance is undoubtedly attributable to Britney’s loyal fanbase and the intense public interest surrounding the memoir, which offers an intimate glimpse into the singer’s life.

The Unsung Hero: Cade Hudson

Behind the scenes, Britney’s best friend and manager, Cade Hudson, played a pivotal role in the success of her memoir. Multiple sources have revealed that Hudson consistently urged Britney to write and complete the book, even during times when she felt unwilling to do so. His tenacity eventually paid off, and Britney gratefully acknowledges his support in the acknowledgments section of her memoir.