Britney Spears’ Knife Dance Sparks Comparison To Shakira’s VMA Performance


Britney Spears recently caused a stir among fans and followers with her knife dance on Instagram, leaving many wondering about the inspiration behind this dangerous act. Interestingly enough, some people believe that Shakira may hold the key to understanding Britney’s latest performance.

Key Takeaway

Britney Spears’ recent knife dance on Instagram has sparked comparisons to Shakira’s VMA performance, where she also incorporated daggers into her routine. The clip has raised concerns about Britney’s well-being, given her known fascination with knives and the recommendations made by those responsible for her care to keep them away from her.

In a recent video clip that Britney shared on her account, she can be seen dancing and clanking knives together in her kitchen. Some even noticed that she went as far as jabbing the knives in the air. While the singer insisted that the blades were not real, the sound of them hitting together raised doubts among viewers.

Shakira’s Influence

However, speculation arose when people compared Britney’s knife dance to Shakira’s recent performance at the MTV VMAs. During the show, the Colombian pop star captivated the audience with a stunning rendition of her greatest hits. At one point, she mesmerized everyone by dancing skillfully while holding two thick daggers in her hands.

It seems that Shakira was paying homage to an Arabic dance known as the “dance of the daggers.” This performance caught Britney’s attention, and some believe that it inspired her to try it out for herself.

Raising Concerns

Britney’s video received criticism and raised concerns about her well-being. It is widely known that Britney has had a fascination with knives, which adds more weight to the alarming nature of the clip. Reports have previously stated that those responsible for her care recommended keeping knives away from her, especially as her conservatorship came to an end.

According to sources, Britney sees knives as a form of protection and fears the possibility of being re-institutionalized. This fear has led to her keeping knives all around her house, including in her bedroom.

As fans and followers continue to express their opinions on the matter, the question of whether Britney Spears is a danger to herself lingers.