Britney Spears Fans Rejoice As Jamie Lynn Spears Eliminated From ‘Dancing With The Stars’


Fans of Britney Spears are rejoicing after her sister, Jamie Lynn, was eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS). In fact, some fans are even claiming that they will start watching the show now that Jamie Lynn is no longer a part of it.

Key Takeaway

Britney Spears fans are celebrating the elimination of Jamie Lynn Spears from “Dancing with the Stars.” The unexpected exit has drawn both harsh criticism and support for Jamie Lynn and her dance partner, Alan Bersten.

Jamie Lynn Spears Eliminated in Week 2

On Tuesday night, Jamie Lynn Spears was unexpectedly eliminated from the competition, only in week 2. This came as a surprise not only to the judges but also to Jamie Lynn and her dance partner, Alan Bersten.

However, fans of Britney Spears are ecstatic about Jamie Lynn’s early exit from the show. One online commenter expressed their joy by saying, “She really thought people would vote for her? Babe… everyone literally hates you.” Another commenter criticized Jamie Lynn, saying she lacks “half the talent her sister ever had.”

Brutal Reactions and Support for Alan Bersten

On social media, the comments have become increasingly brutal towards Jamie Lynn. Some have claimed that she was “destined to lose” and that “karma is a bitch.” Meanwhile, when Alan Bersten posted a simple tweet saying, “Damn,” Britney fans flooded his post as well. However, some supporters also expressed their hope that Alan would be paired with an amazing partner in the next season, subtly dissing Jamie Lynn in the process.

Pro-Britney Fans’ Influence

It’s worth noting that eliminations on DWTS are decided in part by viewer votes. This suggests that Britney Spears’ fans mobilized and voted strategically to ensure Jamie Lynn’s elimination from the show.