Britney Spears Describes Ex Sam Asghari As A “Gift From God” In Revealing Memoir


Pop icon Britney Spears opens up about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Sam Asghari in her highly-anticipated memoir, titled “Woman In Me.” In this heartfelt account, Britney refers to Asghari as a “gift from God,” expressing deep gratitude despite their tumultuous split. This revelation sparks speculation that the former couple has either reached an amicable settlement or remains remarkably close.

Key Takeaway

Britney Spears acknowledges Sam Asghari as a “gift from God” in her memoir, highlighting their undeniable connection and the support he provided during her conservatorship battle. The omission of their acrimonious divorce from the narrative suggests a potential resolution and mutual understanding between the two.

Love at First Sight

Within the pages of her memoir, Britney reminisces about their fateful encounter on a film set back in 2016, describing a magnetic connection that was instant and incomparable. She speaks of Asghari as an inspiring presence who she knew, from that moment, she wanted in her life.

The chemistry between them was undeniable, according to Britney, as she admits to being unable to keep their hands off each other. Throughout her highly-publicized battle concerning her conservatorship, she credits Asghari as her rock, acknowledging his unwavering support as the driving force behind her newfound courage to speak out.

A Surprising Omission

Interestingly, Britney’s memoir fails to mention their acrimonious divorce, a subject that has garnered considerable media attention. Despite Sam Asghari filing for divorce in August, the absence of any negative references in the memoir suggests a change in tune from Britney’s original narrative.

It is worth noting that Britney made alterations to her book after the divorce filing, offering a potential explanation for the omission. However, it seems that she remained steadfast in her decision not to delve into the contentious aspects of their split.

A Mutual Understanding

The memoir also sheds light on Sam Asghari’s recent comments praising Britney and her book, hinting at a possible mutual agreement between the former couple. When considering these combined factors, it becomes apparent that they have reached a divorce resolution that satisfies both parties.

Unlike other individuals targeted in Britney’s memoir, Sam Asghari seems to have escaped unscathed, avoiding any negative portrayal.