Bradley Cooper Prefers Eagles Super Bowl Win Over 2024 Oscars


A-list actor Bradley Cooper has made a surprising claim, stating that he would gladly trade away not one, not two, but three Oscars in 2024 if it meant the Philadelphia Eagles, his beloved NFL team, were to win this season’s Super Bowl. Cooper spoke about this during an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week, when the radio host posed a thought-provoking question.

Key Takeaway

A-list actor Bradley Cooper has expressed his willingness to trade three potential Oscars for a Super Bowl victory for his beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Cooper’s unwavering loyalty to his team highlights the passion and dedication of sports fans.

Cooper’s Controversial Choice

Stern asked Cooper to choose between winning Oscars for Best Director and Best Actor for his upcoming film, “Maestro,” or seeing the Philadelphia Eagles secure victory in the Super Bowl. Without hesitation, Cooper responded, “Eagles Super Bowl victory. Eagles.” Despite never having won an Academy Award himself, being nominated nine times, Cooper’s loyalty to his team outweighs any desire for personal accolades.

It is worth noting that the Philadelphia Eagles already won a Super Bowl in 2018, an event that Cooper even had the opportunity to witness in person. Nonetheless, he remains resolute in his choice, emphasizing his unwavering support for his beloved team.

Emotional Confession

Cooper’s response to Stern’s question was marked by genuine emotion. The actor shook his head while admitting, “I’m sick.” When pressed by Stern about whether he was being truthful, Cooper reaffirmed his answer, stating that he was not lying when expressing his preference for an Eagles Super Bowl victory over winning multiple Oscars.

A True Eagles Fan

Cooper’s loyalty to the Eagles is evident in his regular appearances at their games this season. He has been seen cheering on his team from the stands, including during their thrilling overtime win against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. With several months left in the NFL season, it is clear that Cooper will continue to support the Eagles every step of the way, perhaps more passionately than anyone else on the planet.