Big Boi’s Unexpected Mishap With Live Owl During College Football Performance


A Surprise Turn of Events

As Big Boi began his Saturday night performance, Scrappy the Owl became visibly agitated and attempted to take flight, causing a momentary disruption. Fortunately, the rapper had foreseen the possibility of such a scenario and had securely leashed the mascot to his gloved right hand. Despite the minor disturbance, the show persevered.

Key Takeaway

Big Boi’s college football performance took an unexpected turn when the school’s mascot owl, Scrappy, attempted to fly away during the show. Despite the momentary disruption, the rapper handled the situation with composure and sought professional help to ensure everyone’s safety. This incident highlights Big Boi’s genuine love for owls, as he is the proud owner of four pet owls.

While Sleepy Brown helped to divert the audience’s attention, Big Boi quickly sought assistance from a professional handler to safely manage the situation. As a result, the performance continued without Scrappy, albeit with a slightly awkward exit.

Prior to the incident, Big Boi shared a backstage clip in which he appeared at ease with the owl. This unexpected episode surprised both the rapper and the audience, as Scrappy’s initial interactions seemed calm and relaxed.

A Passion for Owls

Big Boi’s affinity for owls is well-known, as he has publicly expressed his admiration for these majestic creatures. In a 2019 Rolling Stone interview, he proudly showcased his collection of four pet owls named Tula, Simon, Whodini, and Hootie. These owls, undoubtedly, hold a special place in the rapper’s heart and continue to receive his devoted attention.