Big Ang Mural Covered: Sister Vows To Find New Location


The famous Staten Island mural of Big Ang has been covered, leaving the late “Mob Wives” star’s sister, Janine Detore, determined to locate a new spot for a tribute to Ang. The mural was located on the side of Janine’s store, Country Mouse Boutique, but was covered following a disagreement over unpaid bills.

Key Takeaway

The famous mural of Big Ang in Staten Island has been covered due to a dispute over unpaid bills. Despite this setback, Big Ang’s sister is committed to finding a new location for the tribute.

Dispute over Unpaid Bills

According to Janine, the conflict began in September when she underwent tests for health issues and discovered severe allergies to mold. Concerned that the building might be contributing to her health problems, she arranged for an inspection, which led to the decision to cover the mural. Janine had informed her landlord about the inspection, but he proceeded to cover the mural without further discussion.

Commitment to Finding a New Location

Despite owing $27,000 in back rent, Janine is resolute in her determination to find a new location for the mural. She believes that Staten Island deserves another tribute to Ang, emphasizing the impact Ang had on the community.