Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ Sparks Comparison To ‘Franklin’ Theme


Even though fans are loving Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em,” some are drawing comparisons to the “Franklin” cartoon theme sung by Bruce Cockburn. Despite the similarities, Cockburn has made it clear that he is not making any claims against Beyoncé’s hit single.

Key Takeaway

Beyoncé’s song “Texas Hold ‘Em” has sparked comparisons to the theme song of the “Franklin” cartoon, with some noting similarities between the two. Despite this, Bruce Cockburn, the singer of the “Franklin” theme, has expressed his support for Beyoncé and clarified that he is not making any claims against her.

Similarities to “Franklin” Theme

After its release on February 11, Beyoncé’s country single “Texas Hold ‘Em” has been noted for its resemblance to the theme song of “Franklin,” a Canadian children’s show. This comparison has gained traction on TikTok, with some users receiving millions of views on their posts.

Bruce Cockburn’s Response

Bruce Cockburn acknowledges the rhythmic similarity between the two songs but has stated that he does not believe Beyoncé needs to apologize. He expressed his support for Beyoncé’s song and wished her success with it.

Background of “Franklin”

For those unfamiliar with “Franklin,” it was an animated preschool series that aired in Canada from 1997 to 2004. The show followed the adventures of a turtle named Franklin and his interactions with other woodland creatures.

Canadian Connection

It is worth noting that Beyoncé’s co-writers on the track, Elizabeth Boland, Megan Bulow, and Nathan Ferraro, are all Canadian. While this does not prove any plagiarism, it raises the possibility that the songwriters may have been inspired by “Franklin” due to their Canadian background.