Benzino Claims Victory Over Eminem And Calls Himself The “Eminem Slayer”


In a recent interview with “Art Of Dialogue,” Benzino confidently declared himself the conqueror in his ongoing battle with Eminem, asserting that he has emerged as the superior rapper. He firmly believes that his “Rap Elvis” diss track has sealed Eminem’s fate, as the latter has yet to respond. Benzino even went as far as to threaten to release another diss track if Eminem remains silent.

Key Takeaway

Benzino claims victory over Eminem in their long-standing feud, dubbing himself the “Eminem Slayer” and asserting his resilience in the face of any future disses from the renowned rapper.

Benzino’s Persistence in the Eminem Feud

Benzino has been unyielding in his pursuit of challenging Eminem, maintaining that he is the only rapper with the audacity to engage in a prolonged war of words with the renowned artist. He expressed his desire to be recognized as “The Eminem Slayer,” emphasizing the two-decade duration of their feud.

During the interview, Benzino also took aim at Eminem’s devoted fan base, referring to them as “soft and cuddly.” He highlighted the emotional toll the feud has taken on Eminem, citing a recent interview where the artist broke down in tears. Benzino, however, asserted that his own vulnerability remains impervious to any future disses from Eminem.

Enduring Rap Rivalry

The rivalry between Eminem and Benzino stands as one of the most enduring in the history of rap battles, with both artists demonstrating unwavering commitment to the feud.