Barbie And Little Mermaid Halloween Costumes Soar In Popularity This Year


As the Halloween season approaches, it seems there are two clear front-runners for the most sought-after costumes of the year: Barbie and Ariel, the beloved Little Mermaid. These iconic characters have dominated the market, with their costumes flying off the shelves in record numbers.

Key Takeaway

Barbie and Ariel costumes have become highly sought-after this Halloween season, with sales soaring for both characters. Barbie’s officially licensed costumes have experienced a remarkable 900% increase in sales compared to last year, while Ariel-inspired styles have seen a significant boost of 70%. This surge in popularity highlights the enduring appeal of these iconic characters and their ability to captivate audiences across generations.

Barbie’s Reign

Barbie, the timeless fashion doll, has always been a favorite choice for Halloween costumes. However, this year, her popularity has skyrocketed. According to a representative from, their officially licensed Barbie costumes have seen a staggering 900% increase in sales compared to last year. It seems that Barbie’s enduring appeal, coupled with the recent success of Barbie-inspired movies, has led to this massive surge in demand.

In addition to the officially licensed costumes, the website also offers a range of “Barbie-Inspired” looks, which have seen a notable 40% boost in sales. These costume options allow fans to channel their inner Barbie and embrace the iconic style that has captivated generations.

Ariel’s Watery Charm

Not to be outdone, Ariel from Disney’s “Little Mermaid” has also made waves in the costume market. The enchanting mermaid has seen a remarkable 70% increase in popularity compared to previous years. Fans of Ariel can now dive into the Halloween spirit and transform themselves into this beloved character, thanks to a wide selection of Ariel-inspired costumes.

However, with the surge in demand for both Barbie and Ariel costumes, is working tirelessly to ensure they have enough inventory to satisfy their customers throughout the spooky season. The enthusiasm for these iconic characters is clearly unmatched and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Rising Popularity of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift

While Barbie and Ariel have dominated the costume scene, it’s worth noting that other popular figures have also seen a surge in interest. Halloween enthusiasts are demonstrating a strong desire to emulate music sensations Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, influenced by their highly anticipated concert tours.

In response to this growing trend, has created costume guides that help fans recreate the looks of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. These guides provide a combination of items available on the website, allowing fans to achieve an impressive look-alike effect.

As the countdown to Halloween continues, it’s clear that the demand for these popular costumes is on the rise. Whether you want to embody the timeless glamour of Barbie or the enchantment of Ariel, securing these coveted costumes sooner rather than later is essential. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend Halloween as a beloved childhood character or emulate the style of music sensations like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift?