Alexis Bellino’s Cartilage Ear Piercing Leads To Nasty Infection


Reality TV star Alexis Bellino found herself in a painful situation when her year-old cartilage ear piercing became infected after a hairdresser accidentally bumped into it. The incident left her in agony, prompting her to seek urgent medical attention to address the issue.

Key Takeaway

Alexis Bellino’s experience serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with cartilage ear piercings and the importance of seeking professional assistance in case of infections. Dr. Terry Dubrow’s timely intervention and expertise played a crucial role in addressing the issue, highlighting the significance of having access to reliable medical support.

Dr. Terry Dubrow Comes to the Rescue

Upon seeking medical help, Alexis Bellino specifically requested the assistance of Dr. Terry Dubrow, a renowned expert in such matters. Dr. Dubrow, known for his appearances on the reality show “Botched,” and husband of Alexis’ “Real Housewives of Orange County” co-star, Heather Dubrow, promptly came to her aid. Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Dubrow managed to remove the embedded earring without the need for any incisions, showcasing his exceptional skill and expertise.

The Dangers of Cartilage Infections

Dr. Dubrow emphasized the seriousness of dealing with infected cartilage in the ear, highlighting the potential risks and complications that can arise from such situations. He explained that the limited blood flow in the area can lead to severe infections, underscoring the importance of seeking professional help in such cases.

Gratitude and Resolution

Alexis Bellino expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Dubrow, acknowledging his surgical prowess and unwavering support during the ordeal. She commended his swift action and compassionate approach, emphasizing the value of having a reliable friend in times of need. Furthermore, she made it clear that she has no intentions of getting another cartilage piercing in the future, firmly putting an end to that chapter.