Alabama State Receiver Arrested For Assaulting Security Guard At FAMU Game


Alabama State University’s wide receiver, Jacob Freeman, found himself on the wrong side of the law after an altercation during Saturday’s game against Florida A&M University. The incident, which was captured on video, showed Freeman throwing a punch at a security guard, resulting in his arrest.

Key Takeaway

Alabama State receiver, Jacob Freeman, was arrested for assaulting a security guard during the Florida A&M game. Freeman’s suspension and the removal of his player profile from the school’s website demonstrate the university’s strong stance against his behavior.

The Altercation and Arrest

The incident started when Freeman, wearing the number 16 jersey, became involved in a heated exchange with a fan on the sidelines. Security personnel intervened, attempting to calm the situation and prevent any further escalation. However, this only seemed to aggravate Freeman, who retaliated by throwing a quick right punch, making direct contact with the security guard’s face.

The following day, Freeman was arrested by the FAMU Police Department, with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office confirming the charges. He was charged with “battery causing bodily harm,” a serious offense.

Freeman underwent the standard arrest procedures, including being photographed for a mugshot, before being released from jail. However, the consequences of his actions were not limited to legal repercussions.

Suspension and Repercussions

Following the incident, Alabama State University swiftly took action and suspended Freeman from all football-related activities. The university’s athletics department released a statement expressing their disapproval of his behavior, stating that it does not align with their expectations for student-athletes.

Eddie Robinson Jr., the head coach of the Hornets, addressed the incident during a media call with SWAC coaches. Robinson acknowledged that Freeman has shown remorse but emphasized that he needs to face the consequences for his actions.

The repercussions of this incident also extended to Freeman’s player profile, which appears to have been removed from the university’s website. This suggests that the university is taking the matter seriously and distancing themselves from the player’s actions.