Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Doesn’t Want To Marry Him


In a recent interview, Noor Alfallah, the girlfriend of renowned actor Al Pacino, has revealed that she doesn’t have any desire to marry him. Despite their strong bond and the recent birth of their child, Noor explains that marriage is simply not a topic of discussion for the couple.

Key Takeaway

Noor Alfallah, the girlfriend of legendary actor Al Pacino, has stated that she is not interested in marrying him, even after the birth of their child. This highlights the couple’s choice to focus on their relationship and parental responsibilities without conforming to societal norms.

Not Embracing the Institution of Marriage

When asked about the status of their relationship, Noor Alfallah, accompanied by Al Pacino, expressed her love for the legendary actor but made it clear that marriage is not on the table. This revelation comes amidst the news of the couple welcoming their baby boy, Roman, together.

Noor firmly states, “I’m not the marrying type,” as she explains her stance on the institution of marriage. Despite the intensity of their relationship and the responsibilities that come with raising a child, the idea of getting married appears to be of no interest to Noor.

A Solid Foundation: Child Custody and Support Agreement

Al Pacino, now 83 years old, has once again embraced fatherhood with the birth of Roman, while Noor Alfallah is on the verge of turning 30. Although they have reached an agreement on child custody and support, marriage has not been a part of the conversation between the couple.

Following the news of Al Pacino having to contribute $30,000 per month in child support, it is evident that the focus of their relationship lies solely in the well-being of their child.

Looking Ahead: Roman’s First Christmas

With the holiday season approaching, many are curious about how Al Pacino, Noor Alfallah, and their newborn son, Roman, plan to spend their first Christmas together. Noor has not provided any details regarding their plans. However, it is clear that their main priority is nurturing their growing family unit.