A Disturbing Revelation: Sam Haskell Jr. Discloses Horror Movie’s Chopped Bodies Were Too Much For Him


Sam Haskell Jr. made a surprising revelation about his aversion to violent horror movies and his personal experience with dismembered bodies in a series of Instagram direct messages. This comes as he faces accusations of murder and the discovery of chopped-up human remains. The conversation sheds light on an arguably contrasting aspect of Haskell Jr.’s character, raising further questions about his troubled past.

Key Takeaway

Sam Haskell Jr., despite his alleged involvement in grisly murders and the discovery of chopped-up human remains, expressed discomfort and unease with graphic horror movie scenes. This revelation raises questions about the complexity of Haskell Jr.’s character and his conflicting reactions to violent imagery.

The Horror Movie Conversation

In the obtained IG DMs from May 2023, Haskell Jr. discusses “The Forever Purge” with his ex-personal trainer, Troy Piedade. Haskell Jr. admits to finding the film unsettling because of the realistic portrayal of dismembered bodies in Mexico, stating that it is difficult for him to enjoy such movies. He does, however, express a fondness for “The Purge: Anarchy” and mentions his interest in collaborating with Troy on a future project. The messages provide insight into Haskell Jr.’s conflicting feelings towards violent imagery, considering the grave allegations he faces.

Troy Piedade’s Perspective

Troy Piedade, Haskell Jr.’s former personal trainer, reveals that he noticed a troubling side to Haskell Jr.’s behavior during their 14-year acquaintance. Piedade recalls instances where Haskell Jr. would intentionally provoke others at the gym, relying on Piedade’s protection. Despite these eccentricities, Piedade never imagined his client would be implicated in acts as extreme as murder. Although the LAPD is aware of Haskell Jr.’s interest in horror movies, law enforcement sources have not confirmed any link between his movie preferences and the alleged crimes.

The Murder Charges

On November 17, 2023, L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón announced that Haskell Jr. was formally charged with three counts of murder. The charges stem from the deaths of his wife, Mei, and her parents, Gaoshan Li and Yanxiang Wang. Earlier evidence, including surveillance video suggesting Haskell Jr. disposing of potential human remains, has contributed to the ongoing investigation. If convicted, Haskell Jr. could face lifetime imprisonment without the possibility of parole.